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Video Production

Delivering high-quality video content

Elevate your digital marketing efforts by leveraging the power of video

We create compelling content that captivates audiences, inspires action and drives results.

More and more companies are recognizing that corporate videos, web videos and DVDs are amongst the most versatile and easily accessible ways to reach their customers and bring their business to life.

At Brandiology, we provide a wide range of video production services that can grow your audience share, increase sales, improve online engagement and raise brand awareness. In short, we make videos that really do the business. Your Business!

Our production team produces creative videos that will powerfully deliver your message to your target market, tailored to your budget and deadline. Whatever your video needs, Brandiology has the creativity, skills and experience to deliver your message with visual impact and maximum effect.

What kind of video do you need?

We can produce, storyboard, direct and edit the most captivating visual experience to ‘wow’ your audience – every time.

Video Adverts

All the impact of a TV commercial – on-line, on television or at the cinema.

Corporate Video

Web adverts, promotional videos, client testimonials and case studies.

Social Media

Spread the word – interact with your audience – target specific Social Media channels.

Training Videos

Effective learning – bringing TV production values to your company communications.

Why choose us for your next video project?

We can handle projects of every scale and genre. We work with a team of dedicated writers, producers, directors and cinematographers with the expertise to carry out every aspect of video production from creative services to delivery. We treat every project with utmost professionalism, regardless of the budget or scope.

Our video production process

It’s about understanding the way audiences think, strategically structuring content, and using creative techniques throughout the video production process. That's what we do.
  • Stage 1


    Pre-production is a crucial phase of the production process. It demands careful planning and preparation. We never go to a video shoot before we have a detailed schedule and know precisely what footage to capture. This is when we iron out the details and ensure an easy, consistent, and cost effective shoot.

  • Stage 2


    Lights, camera, action! Whether we’re shooting on-location, in studio, or out in the street, our cinematographers are prepared to capture the highest quality footage for your media project. The director will oversee the production, ensuring you get the most value for your time.

  • Stage 3


    Editing is where the magic happens. With the latest software and talented editors, your footage is transformed into a work of art. Our post-production services include motion graphics, titles, 2D & 3D animation, voice-over, visual effects, music, sound design and color grading. If you can imagine it, we can do it.

  • Stage 4


    You can get the final video in any medium you like. We have the in-house ability to export to any file format and upload to any video hosting service available (YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook). We can also embed the video into your own website.

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